In Memoriam

Aaron Cortorea 

called Piškot
Born: 05.04.2002
Died: 25.09.2011
Our bellowed Piškot was very friendly, docile and obedient dog. Above all, he loved his family, his pack and most of all children. Throughout his life he was in very good condition, extremely lively and playful, the more we were surprised by his sudden departure. He left us in his sleep at the age of beautiful 10 years.

Alain Cortorea alain-super-20-08-06

called Čoki
Born: 05.04.2002
Died: 06.11.2014
Čoki was the leader of our great Landseer pack, amazingly survived a lovely 2.5 years of his brother Piškot. We both them originally brought as pets on the garden, the more we  were pleased by their show successes and achievements of their offspring. We will miss him so much, he was a sidekick to bad weather.

Alexis von Sorel 

called Sally
Born: 08.06.2004
Died: 14.4.2015
14.04.2015 we have said farewell to our bellowed Alexis von Sorel called Saly. She passed  away all of a sudden. She would celebrate beautiful 11 years in 2 months. She was our best “mom”, she took care of baby fox and she welcomed all new members of our family with a great love. She will be very missed.  


Michell v. d. Silberdistel 

called Bubu
Born: 11.3.2004
Died: 9.6.2017
On 09th of June 2017 have Michell von der Silberdistel, called BUBU , left us. She  was our first female dog in our dog breeding station Z Letohradského ranče. She passed away in her 13 years and 3 months.


Frodo Touch of the Moonlight

Born: 22.02.2012
Died: 14.10.2021
Frodo was our little teddy-bear, the most peaceful and non-conflict dog in our dog pack. Father to the successfully litters F, G and H. many of his puppies have calm and friendly personality. 

He left us in his 9,5 years. 


Janina vom Petersberg

Born: 14.03.2013
Died: 30.01.2022
Our most successful dog left us after 3 months of fighting an insidious disease, it hurts all the more because her mind was still fine. Mother of successful litters Z Letohradského ranče – F, H, I and a beautiful 30 puppies. The leader of our pack, which has always been able to make an order. We will miss you little girl.