02.02.2013 MVP DUO CACIB BRNO – class of youngV1, CAJC, BOJ


6.1.2013 Hanácká národní výstava – class of youngV1, CAJC, BOJ

Arun z Laderova has made us very happy, he is the son of our female dog from C breed – Ciggy z Letohradského ranče and grandson of your dog Michell von der Silberdistel.

As the first in the history of Landseer he won the highest titleBIG a BIS !!!

Arun z Laderova – 3.2.2013 – DUO CACIB BRNO
Winner of group FCI II – BIG and Winner of the show BIS !!!

Our daughterCiggy z Letohradského ranče has became World Junior Winner !
We congratulate !!!
Ciggy z Letohradského ranče
World junior winner – World Junior Winner 2009
Central – East European Winner 2010
We congratulate to owner Eva Vendlerová!