Čoki – Alain Cortorea

Today left us our first Landseer and the leader of our dog pack

05.04.2002 – 06.11.2014Alain super 20.08.06

he lived beautiful 12,5 years
We will miss him very much.

Janina vom Petersberg

24.10.2014 MSV LK BRNO, intermediate class– V1, CAC, VMSV LK, BOB
25.10.2014 EV BRNO – intermediate class– V1, CAC, CACIB, EUROPEAN WINNER, BOB
26.10.2014 NV BRNO – intermediate class– V1, CAC
20141024_155552 (1) DSCN1904 (1) DSCN1923

NV Mladá Boleslav 20.07.2014

Janina vom Petersberg – intermediate class– V1, CAC

Frodo Touch of the Moonlight – open class – V1, CACDSCN1206